Commercial Real Estate For CRE 开发人员, property managers, owners and investors, managing the bottom line and leveraging your asset portfolio requires your full attention. Our CRE-focused professionals can provide you proactive guidance on everything from transactions, structuring an acquisition, financial reporting, cost-segregation, 折旧, to complex state/federal 税 regulations. Our goal is to make sure your time is spent keeping an eye out for new developments and opportunities.

Going Beyond Typical Accounting + Tax 服务:

Guidance for Growth + Expansion
Strategic business planning, innovative ideas and proactive education.
Timely + Accurate Financial Reporting
Improve the timeliness and accuracy of your financial reporting, so you can focus on other aspects of your business with confidence.
Risk + Compliance Review
Experienced accounting professionals to help you mitigate risks – explained in plain English.
Proactive Business Tax Planning
Ongoing discussions and detailed review of your leases, property and cost-segregation strategies with potential 税 credits or incentives in mind.
Provide Clarity for Key Decisions
Develop financial forecasts, budgets and KPI dashboards so you can make better decisions.
Valuation + Due Diligence
Guidance, resources, and valuation services to assist with mergers and acquisitions.
Improve Cash Flow + Operations
Provide insight on cash flow patterns, inventory, financial management and operations.
Professional + Industry Networks
Utilize our extensive network of business relationships and CRE industry expertise to accelerate your growth.
Outsourced Professionals
Interim CFO, controller, outsourced accounting services when/how you need them.
CRE Consulting 服务
Guidance with choice of entity advantages, lease 审计s and discussions that add value to your asset portfolio.
Plan for the Future
Succession planning to prepare your leaders of tomorrow and maximize business value.
Wealth Management
Personalized 税 planning, retirement planning, investments and insurance services to grow and protect earned wealth for generations.

Our clients include:
  • Commercial and residential real estate owners and operators
  • Property management companies, multi-state holdings
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • Retail, office and industrial building owners and operators

Professional Networks + Connections

With more than 200 members, MNCREW is recognized as the premier organization within the commercial real estate industry. As part of CREW Network, the industry’s premier networking coalition, MNCREW is dedicated to transforming the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally. Membership encompasses all parties necessary to complete a real estate transaction including but not limited to brokers, 开发人员, general contractors, 工程师, 律师, CPAs and marketing professionals. MNCREW members are empowered by sharing their knowledge and experience, while also learning from the insight and know-how of others.