It is our privilege to build great relationships with each client and provide guidance that enables them to achieve their financial goals. Here are a few client stories that describe how our team makes a powerful difference for them, their people and their business.

First & First

Peter Remes | President

First & First is committed to re-imagining historically significant sites within the Minneapolis and St. Paul urban landscape. They transform these neglected spaces into inspired places that facilitate creative and cultural experiences. Each First & First site ultimately becomes a place where creativity and productivity embrace each other while enabling dreams to become reality. These revitalized places build bridges to the future that enable us to see both where we are going and also where we have been.

Featured in this video are Jen Verly and Paul Simons | Tax Principals . To discuss how DS+B can help you with tax guidance in commercial real estate and/or adding locations to your growing business, click here.

KCB Corporation

Courtney Henry | Owner

KCB Corporation 是一家正在蓬勃发展的麦当劳(McDonald 's)连锁餐厅的多单位运营商. The family owned business has successfully grown over the years and added locations throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area. KCB最近也在明尼阿波利斯- st. Paul airport.

Featured in this video is Sean Boland | Managing Principal. To learn how our team of accountants and CPAs can support your franchised business with proactive guidance and strategic planning, click here.

TSI Plastics

Pat McCready | President

TSI Plastics is a leading manufacturer and subcontractor of precision molded plastic components for the aerospace, military, computer, electronic, medical, food service and construction industries. TSI Plastics specializes in precision CNC machining and injection molding of plastics for a broad range of industries and applications across the United States.

Featured in this video are Clint Seehusen, Paul Simons and Sean Boland. To discuss how DS+B can help you target specific areas for manufacturing business growth and uncover tax-saving opportunities, click here.

Dependable Home Health Care

Isaac Mensah | CEO

Sarah Mensah | President

Dependable Home Health Care‘s goal is to provide people with unique abilities the opportunity to develop the skills to thrive. This principle was founded in 1991 by Sarah and Isaac Mensah when they started Dependable Home Health Care. 萨拉和艾萨克以个人护理助理的身份创办了这家公司,从那时起, 他们的公司已经扩展到包括独立生活服务, in-home family support, 临时护理和许多其他辅助生活服务.

Featured in this video is Sean Boland | Managing Principal. 为了讨论DS+B如何帮助你的成长业务改善现金流和展望未来, click here.

Client Testimonials 

对我们来说,没有比客户的成功更好的赞扬了. 以下是一些客户慷慨地为我们公开背书的例子:


“I have had the privilege of doing business with Clint and the DS+B team for nearly 15+ years. They are not merely CPA’s-they are trusted advisors that have given us great counsel on a wide range of issues over the years. I would highly recommend them.”